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Public health

Moving control of public services from central to local government can improve life-expectancy


  • A study estimated changes in life expectancy after control of public services in Greater Manchester was moved from central to local government, relative to a control group from the rest of England (excluding London), using data from January 2006 - December 2019.

  • After control of public services moved, from Nov 2014, life expectancy in Greater Manchester was 0.196 years (95% CI 0·182–0·210) higher than expected, when compared with the control group. Increases in life expectancy were larger in areas with high income deprivation and lower life expectancy, suggesting a narrowing of inequalities.

WiseGP Actions:


  • Have you considered writing to your local MP for support with public health measures to benefit your local population?

  • If this topic interests you, have you considered developing a special interest in public health?


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