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Our WiseGP resources aim to help clinicians to develop and access the knowledge work skills and resources of expert generalist practices, so as to support the development, delivery of and learning from tailored whole-person centred care.


Find out more about the resources available on the WiseGP website below.

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Sign up below to receive our newsletter, which focuses on up to date topics, highlighting how the WiseGP approach can help us use knowledge work to apply recent research evidence to face everyday challenges in practice.


For each newsletter, we also have a linked case study providing an example of how a Wise General Practice team member could apply learning.



Being actively involved in knowledge work improves the care we deliver to our patients, but also helps us re-connect with the job we trained to do. Research shows that knowledge work can help restore our personal motivation and confidence in the everyday work of general practice.


Read our “GEMS” of information from recent research and be inspired by examples of how to apply them in practice. Our GEMS are intended to support your students, registrars, fellow GPs and wider primary care team to improve their practice and could provide some inspiration for a practice quality improvement project.


The library has themed sections, so please explore our selection and see if there is a topic which ignites your interest!

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Be inspired by the stories of clinicians describing how they use knowledge work in everyday practice to support their patients, practice teams, and their own career development.


  • WiseGPs - Hear from GPs sharing their wise stories from practice

  • WiseGeneralPractice - Explore and be inspired by stories from multidisciplinary team members in general practice

  • Case Studies - Read examples of knowledge work being applied in practice by multidisciplinary team members. These examples are linked to our newsletters.

The WISDOM course


WISDOM offers flexible online learning to help primary care clinicians face everyday complexity and uncertainty in practice. It’s free to access. Find out more by clicking the button below.

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Listen to some wise conversations, hosted by intern Johanna Reilly. Featuring a variety of speakers, the podcast aims to shine a light on interesting work by expert generalists.



Be inspired by stories shared by clinicians about their everyday practice.


We are particularly aiming to highlight stories from clinicians who have been inspired by our GEMS to make positive changes in their everyday practice. Please contact us if you have a blog to share!

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