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Introducing the WISDOM course


General Practitioner (GP) roles are changing and so is the range of professional skills required for modern practice.

Wisdom course

Frequently GPs encounter problems that aren’t answered by clinical guidelines, existing research evidence or even medicine. WISDOM aims to provide clinicians with the skills and confidence to find, create and use knowledge to make complex decisions about problems faced in everyday practice.

Through the course, we will focus on the distinct knowledge work skills used by GPs to deliver whole-person centred, expert generalist medicine (see animation below). We’ll discuss how to approach some of the biggest challenges you face in your daily practice, including overdiagnosis and polypharmacy, whilst considering how you can make best use of wider psychological and community approaches to supporting people with illness.

By sharing our vision for tomorrow’s doctor, today, we aim to provide you with the skills and confidence to develop your own professional practice and be a catalyst for change to help re-energise our profession. Follow the link below to sign up!

The WISDOM Course

The WISDOM Course

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Join us on the WISDOM course


Whole-person medical care is more essential now than it has ever been, so make sure to join the WISDOM course, so we can help you in your lifelong journey as a doctor and an expert medical generalist!


WISDOM offers flexible online learning which you can access for free. Please follow the link below to find out more and sign up (if you select 'limited access', this will allow you access to all the material we have developed)!

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