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We have spoken with many GPs, trainees and students, who are interested in developing their knowledge work skills, to improve their clinical practice and support their career progression within wider professional roles.


You asked for some examples of what other GPs are doing, to help understand how they are developing their knowledge work skills. Several WiseGPs have shared their stories below, both as written reflections and through recorded interviews, to help provide some inspiration for your future practice.


If you have your own WiseGP story to share, please get in touch!


Sara is a GP working for the NHS in an innovative community-based acute frailty unit in Oxfordshire. She also works as a NIHR Clinical Lecturer at the University of Southampton. Sara tells us about her less traditional pathway into clinical research.

Nick is a GP Partner and clinical lead for primary care for the Thames Valley and South Midlands Clinical Research Network. He is also a RCGP clinical lead for research. Nick talks us through how he became involved in clinical trials and how he feels this benefits his clinical practice and his patients.

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