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WiseGP grew out of a workshop conversation at the RCGP Conference in 2017. A packed room of GPs took a fresh look at what we do in everyday practice.

Image by imso gabriel
Image by Sarah Noltner

People in the room described the complexity of our everyday clinical practice – working to co-develop tailored understanding of healthcare needs with our patients. We discussed how this work doesn’t just rely on what we know, but how we use and apply what we know (read more about the bananarama principle). But we also recognised that this complex work isn’t adequately supported or recognised within our jobs.


These are the knowledge work skills that make possible our everyday work with patients, whilst also underpinning our professional roles in developing and leading healthcare services and in contributing to teaching and research.  They are integral to the full range of everyday professional practice. But they are not designed into the work of, and support for, everyday practice.

Recognising these gaps led us to set up WiseGP, to promote, advance and sustain the knowledge work needed for everyday primary care practice.


The WiseGP project was conceived by Professor Joanne Reeve, who now leads the work to build, scale and sustain the work. With financial support from the School for Primary Care Research and Health Education England Yorkshire, she welcomed a team of WiseGP Fellows, one of whom, Dr Annabelle Machin, continues to work on the project to promote WiseGP and its resources. 

WiseGP is a partnership between the Society for Academic Primary Care and the Royal College of General Practitioners.

Image by Andy Chilton

Special thanks go to Mark Orriss from Orriss Design who has led the brand development and website design, digifish who produced our animations and Iain Barr who supported the hosting of the WISDOM course on futurelearn.
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