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At WiseGP we recognise that more of the same won’t fix general practice. Our resources aim to help WiseGPs and their teams to be part of the change needed to reclaim professional control of front-line general practice.

If WiseGP has inspired you to make positive changes in your everyday practice, we’d love to hear from you!

Group Therapy
Image by Jesse Cason

Are you a clinician with a wise story to share in our blog?


Has a WiseGP GEM led you to develop a new pathway at your surgery, or did a WiseStory give you the confidence to explore a portfolio career path? Perhaps a newsletter highlighted an important issue that you’ve since acted upon?

Please contact us if you have a story to share in our blog!

Would you like to share ideas for a future newsletter?


Our WiseGP newsletter focuses on up-to-date topics, highlighting how the WiseGP approach can help us to apply recent research evidence to face everyday challenges in practice.


If you have a topic, you feel would be valuable for us to feature, or if you would like to contribute to a future newsletter, please get in touch!

doctor burnout
doctor education

Want to feature research within our GEM library?


Our GEMs of evidence from recent research offer practical ways for Wise General Practice teams to tackle common everyday problems.


If you have been involved in primary care research with important outcomes that you would like to communicate to front-line clinicians, get in touch, so we can feature it in our GEM library.

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