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Practice management

Being more active at work


  • A recent survey in Northern Ireland revealed GPs have high levels of workday sedentary time (average 10.33 hours).

  • Active workstation users (eg. with a sit-stand desk) had lower workday sedentary time compared to non-users (average of 7.88 hours compared to 10.47 hours).

  • 80.7% of GPs surveyed reported increased workday sitting time compared to before the COVID-19 pandemic.


WiseGP actions:


  • Offer staff the option of a sit-stand desk to reduce sedentary hours at work

  • Make a quick lunchtime walk a priority for your wellbeing

  • Consider other ways you could be more active at work for your health and wellbeing, such as walking to call patients from reception to your room


Read more about the research informing these recommendations here:

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