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Clinical management

Recurrent UTIs and cancer


  • Patients with bladder and kidney cancer may experience diagnostic delays. A prospective mixed-methods study aimed to identify contributors to potential missed diagnostic opportunities.

  • Only one-third of patients with recurrent UTIs were referred as per guideline recommendations. Patients reported being prescribed repeated courses of antibiotics without a clinical review/ examination and experienced suboptimal communication of results.


WiseGP Actions


  1. When issuing treatment for UTIs do you routinely check if it is a recurrent infection? As other healthcare professionals are often involved, would a template be useful to prompt further review for recurrent infections?

  2. Reflect on whether your practice has a clear process for following up patients with visible/ non-visible haematuria who need repeat testing at interval/ after treatment for a urinary tract infection. Perhaps this could make a useful audit topic for your GP registrar or practice pharmacist, after which they could implement a new pathway?


Read about the evidence informing this GEM here:

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