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Practice management

Integrating paramedics into the general practice workforce

A PPIE group discussed key information patients would want to know about paramedics joining their GP surgery and ways this could be shared with local communities.


The PPIE group felt it would be helpful for patients…

  • To know that paramedics undertake further education to work in primary care

  • For paramedics to be recognisable from other team members (visual clues, in addition to paramedics introducing their role at the start of consultations)

  • To know the specific roles of paramedics within the practice (eg. home visits) and any limitations to their work (eg. Are there certain problems they don’t assess? Can they prescribe and refer?)

  • For information to be communicated effectively to local communities, via the reception team, staff noticeboards (physical or virtual), the PPG (via leaflets/newsletters), practice website and social media


WiseGP Actions


  • Ensure the distinct contribution of new team members is understood and valued by your local community, by implementing the points highlighted above. This could help to build trust in paramedics supporting our work and prevent patients from representing with concerns.


Read more about the PPIE work informing these recommendations here:

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