Making treatment decisions

Having a chronic condition, it’s very much about self-management. It’s very much a team approach… The more involved you are as a patient, the more successful its likely to be. And also to embrace other possibilities. Not just medication, but to be open to other ideas as well to help with your condition.


Patient with rheumatoid arthritis.

Happy Patient

During appointments with a healthcare professional, you may be asked about your preferences for investigation or treatment. To make a decision you will need to consider the benefits versus the risks of a test or treatment offered. Some people prefer their healthcare professional to make a decision on their behalf, but it can help to be involved in decision making, as the best choice can vary from person-to-person depending on their personal circumstances.

For example, the first link below provides information to help you weigh up the pros and cons of different approaches to managing high blood pressure. By looking through this you can consider what would work best for you. Getting healthcare tailored to what is right for you can be complex and needs work from both you and your clinician.


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Making treatment decisions

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