Clinical scholarship is an integral part of everything we do as GPs. It is our professional capacity to use and generate knowledge in everyday practice to enhance patient care. Whatever your portfolio of practice roles - be they patient-focused, education, research, quality improvement, leadership and others - you will be actively involved in knowledge work on a daily basis. What these roles have in common is the Bananarama principle: it's not what you know that matters, but how you use what you know.

We have spoken with many GPs, trainees and students. You have told us that you want to develop your knowledge work skills. But often you don’t know where to start. We have pulled together a number of resources to help. Click on the links below to find out more.

Clinical scholarship for all GP careers

Training for academic clinical careers

Getting advice from your local academic department

Getting advice from topic expert



As GPs, our job is to think for a living. We learn this throughout our professional training, but many of you want to know more. Whether you are looking to enhance your clinical practice, or develop your portfolio roles, finding training that fits with the challenges we are facing in daily practice can be hard. Based on the learning needs you have described to us, we have pulled together some resources to get you started.

Click here for details of training courses in extended clinical scholarship skills.

Getting started with a new project idea: click here for guidance.

For Professional Development Ideas based on our WISE GEMS, please click here.

How to write a research question: click here for ideas to get you started.

Telling others about your work: click here for things to think about.

‘Knowing’ in an era of alternative facts

SAPC are keen to hear your ideas for other courses that would be useful to you. Or perhaps you have done a course that you want to share on this page. Please contact us and let us know.




Every GP uses the skills of clinical scholarship. A growing proportion of GPs have extended portfolio roles which use enhanced scholarship skills. A smaller proportion of GPs work as academic GPs - clinicians with advanced training in research and/or education skills to enable them to take up formal positions within Universities.

There are many different ways to get involved in academic GP training. Whether you are just starting out in your career, or looking for new opportunities to develop your portfolio, there is a growing range of opportunities. Click here to find out more. 




Sometimes you just need to talk with someone….

Members of the Society for Academic Primary Care working in departments of academic primary care around the UK can offer advice and support for your scholarship.

Perhaps you are looking for someone you can talk through some general ideas - to find out more about what opportunities are available locally. Each academic department has an Ambassador who would be pleased to hear from you. Why not drop them a line and start a conversation? They will help you make links with people locally and nationally who can help with your ideas.

Click here for a list of Ambassadors.



Perhaps you are planning or working on a specific project or idea, and really need to speak with an expert in that field to help develop your ideas further. We have a growing directory of people to help you. Click on the list here for contact details.