Are you a GP or GPST?

WiseGP is a community set up by GPs to support the Knowledge Work of general practice.

GPs are specialists in whole person medical care. They work with  individual patients to create tailored explanations of illness problems, and so develop solutions.

GPs are problem solvers – using expert knowledge about illness and disease, and skills in constructing explanations – to deliver those solutions.

Knowledge work is the term we use to describe the way that GPs generate and use knowledge to support everyday clinical decision making.

Knowledge work is also part of the extended roles done by GPs engaged in quality improvement, teaching and training, research and leadership.

But people have described a number of barriers to knowledge work in daily practice. We set up WiseGP to tackle those problems.

WiseGP will help you understand more about the everyday knowledge work of General Practice, develop the clinical scholarship skills you need, and connect with others doing similar work.

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