About us

WISE GP is a joint initiative between the Society of Academic Primary Care, and the Royal College of General Practitioners. The work is led by Joanne Reeve in partner with colleagues from across the academic and clinical communities.

Many people have contributed to the resources on this site. You will have a chance to meet some of them as you browse through the site.

Particular thanks go to a number of people who helped develop the original ideas, including: Umesh Chauhan, Polly Duncan, Adam Firth, Kamilla Hawthorn, Ben Jackson, Else Krajenbrink, Sabeena Jameel, Ali Marsh, Martin Marshall, Sara McKelvie, Sam Meriel, Jonathan Mills, Pritesh Mistry, Faraz Mughal, Ebrahim Mulla, Emma Parry, Jo Protheroe, Imran Rafi, Joe Rosenthal, Helen Stokes-Lampard, Val Wass,

WISE GP has developed through numerous discussions with GPs, health professionals, students, patients and academics over the last couple of years. We welcome your feedback on the site and ideas for further development. Get in touch with us here to let us know your thoughts.

We acknowledge the support of:

SAPC Executive for financial support for the website

Academy of Primary Care at Hull York Medical School for support from Puja Verma and James Bennett (GP Fellows)

NIHR School for Primary Care Research  for its sponsorship of the WISE GP Internships

Mark Orriss at Orriss Design for the design work